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Sansodhita Suchana

Financial Proposal opening- Lower Seti HEP
1. "Financial Proposal opening- Lower Seti HEP"

Clarifications No. 1- Detailed Engineering Study of Lower Seti (Tanahu) HEP

Notice of Bid Evaluation of Package-3 (Transmission Line)

Notice of Technical Bid Evaluation
1. "Public Notice for Price Bid Opening"

Request for Proposal

Notification on Shortlisting of Consulting Firms
1. "Request For Proposal"

Clarification Addenda

Clarification No. 2-Environmental and Social Management Service Provider
1. "Clarification No. 2- ESMSP"

Clarification Addenda

Clarification No. 1/ Addendum, Environmental and Social Management Service Provider
1. "Clarification No. 1/Addendum ESMSP"

Result of Bidding

Notice Result of Bidding of Package-1 and Package-2
1. "Package 1- Headworks"
2. "Package 2- Waterway"

Invitation for Bid

Package 3: “Design, Supply and Installation of 220 kV Transmission Line Project of Tanahu Hydropower Project”
1. "Invitation for Bid"
2. "Vol-I"
3. "Vol-II Part A"
4. "Vol-III"
5. "Addendum-No-1"
6. "Responses to Request for clarification No-1"
7. "Addendum-No-2"
8. "Responses to Requests for Clarifications No. 2"
9. "Addendum-No-3"

Project Administration Manual

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